The New Work for 2015 is up!

It was a crazy last month and half trying to pull off these 5 new works, and I had an all-star team here in the studio helping me.  A HUGE thank you to:

  • Gabriel Temme from Portland, OR- expert mold maker who helped make both the edition pieces “Kept” and “Haunted” possible.
  • Donut from Kansas City, MO- one of the most fiercely talented and determined interns I have ever had the honor of working with.  She stayed till the bitter end, both of us exhausted and exhilarated to have pulled it all off
  • Jill Carr-Hilton from Vancouver Island, Canada- an extraordinary studio assistant who I would happily enslave and keep forever to work alongside me if I was just a tiny bit more ruthless
  • And also a big thanks to Alessandro Gall0 for supporting me through the whole crazy couple of months and all the stress that ensued.
  • The whole Studio 740 community and the community here in Helena was really great and I couldn’t imagine being in a better place to make my work.

After putting the final touches on the last 5 pieces, I drove 18 straight hours down to Santa Fe, NM on August 4th from Helena, MT in order to get the work there on time and help set up the exhibition.  I collapsed at Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio’s home at 1am. It was one of the best mornings I have had in memory to wake up with all the work ready to go, and two of the best friends and mentors ready to shower me with their affection and support.  I have missed them more than I can say.

The set up was flawless, with 11 other artists in this incredible curated exhibition:  as quoted from the Peter’s Project website,” The curators, the internationally known authors, critics and ceramophiles, Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio, have assembled a contemporary Bestiary in 3-D. Eleven artists—Jeremy Brooks, Undine Brod, John Byrd, Beth Cavener, Michele Erickson, Alessandro Gallo, Jan Huling, Jeff Irwin, Wookjae Maeng, Kate McDowell, and Adelaide Paul—each bring their personal narratives, charming and disturbing, wry and shocking, as well ethical questions about animal and man, explored mostly through the notion of a trophy.”

The Peters’ Project Space is a beautiful museum-like space with 7-8 generous interconnected gallery spaces- each with its own distinctive setting and atmosphere… was a pleasure to work with the staff and the space, installing the work and seeing the whole interwoven exhibition come alive.

To top it all off, over 450 people came to the opening night, with Santa Fe notables, like Dave Hickey, in attendance.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and generous…my face was aching from smiling and saying “thank you” half way through the night.

The digital catalog for “Trophies and Prey: A Contemporary Beastiary” is now available…

I have a copy loaded here on the website that you can download:
Trophies and Prey Catalog 2015 Spreads

Or you can view it online here