Title: “The White Hind”

Year: 2012
Figure: H 68 x W 18 x L 50 in.
Wedding Train: 300 in. L
Materials: Stoneware, paint, 7 hand-fletched arrows, vintage lace, hand-tatted doilies, seed pearls,beads, embroidery, wooden altar

This piece is a collaboration with, Nan Jacobsohn, my mother.  The wedding train is composed of over 300 handmade doilies collected from women all over the globe, representing thousands and thousands of hours of making.  Every doily is hand-stitched onto an ethereal organza oak leaf pattern.  Entire wedding train is beaded and embroidered – representing the work of 12 additional women over a year’s time..

*  Additional detail- the bridal train ‘stem’ comes up the doe’s back and around her shoulders, the two antique lace straps clasping together at her breast, with a white arrow piercing her chest- symbolic of her status as having been claimed.