Mission Statement:

Studio 740 is a unique artists studio and creative think tank. Myself and Alessandro Gallo founded Studio740 in Helena, MT in 2014. We converted the ground floor of an old distillery building downtown into a beautiful professional studio space in order to build a community for emerging and established artists. My mission is to collaborate with other artists to establish a full time professional studio practice, foster a lively exchange of ideas, feedback, and technical support, as well as introducing them to curators, collectors, and galleries.  

Current Residents

Current Long and Short Term Artists in Residence at Studio 740

Beth Cavener

Shelsea Dodd (fall 2018)  Website

Samantha Momeyer (2020)  Website

G.V. Kelley (2021)  Website

Kelly McLaughlin (2020)  Website

Noah Riedel – (returning 2018)  Website